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Welcome to Remy’s Annexes, a company building bespoke garden buildings in Cumbria to serve a wide range of needs. Made from fiberglass, our garden rooms are 100% insulated and have a 30-year warranty. We build the homes off site and transport them directly to you, meaning that a plumber and electrician serve as the only maintenance costs. Once that has been done, you will have a bespoke cabin that is cosy, convenient and incredibly cheap.

If you are a retired person who wants to be closer to their family, our made to order cabins enable you to be next to the ones you love whilst also maintaining complete privacy. Moreover, as a parent working from home or as a site manager, these insulated rooms make perfect offices and can be modified with extensions to suit your purposes.


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Our Service

Our made to order, fully insulated cabins are tailored precisely to your needs. If you want a yoga studio at home, a place to work or simply somewhere to enjoy a summer retreat, we have the experience and resources necessary to make your dream a reality. Garden rooms are made on site according to your exact specifications and delivered straight to your door with a 30-year warranty, so you can enjoy your new space with no stress and at very little cost.

Why Fiberglass?

Having spent 30 years working with fibreglass, you can be sure that Remy’s Annexes will provide a final product of the highest possible quality. Unlike other materials commonly used for construction, fibreglass is extremely strong, waterproof and therefore resistant to rotting or leaks, fully insulated, relatively cheap, fireproof and highly malleable, allowing for the design to be smooth, streamlined and made in accordance with the owner’s precise demands.






Our values



Our top quality fibreglass and bespoke approach to building cabins means that we never compromise on giving you insulated rooms that are both extremely dependable and constructed closely around your needs, whether that means extra heating or building extensions for all purposes.


Instead of spending heavily on a new property or extensions, why not instead invest in a made to order cabin that is constructed off site, placed on a concrete slab in your garden and fully insulated, leaving you with a modern, personalised, warm living space to enjoy for a comparably small fee.


Made from extremely strong fibreglass and constructed with experienced hands, you can be sure that your bespoke, fully insulated Granny Annex will weather any elements and keep you warm in the winter. We provide a 30-year warranty on these cabins because we know they can last forever!







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