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Remy's Annexes

Cabins Made with Care and Quality

If you are looking for a bespoke garden building in Cumbria made from fully insulated fibreglass, you can count on Remy’s Annexes to give you a personalised, totally reliable final product. Our garden rooms are made to order, meaning that we never compromise on materials and always build the cabin with your specific demands in mind to ensure that you receive the perfect finish.

All garden buildings are constructed on site by hands with over 30 years of experience and then delivered straight to you on a concrete slab, reducing maintenance costs to just plumbing and electricity.

For an incredibly cheap, reliable way to create a new living space in your garden, get in contact with Remy’s Annexes and receive your own expertly constructed bespoke garden building in Cumbria in no time!


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Our Granny Annexes

Built according to 12ft x 12ft specifications, our cabins are always bespoke, durable and, aside from plumbing and electricity, maintenance free. If you want to add extra rooms to the building, this can be done very easily and in conjunction with your exact needs. The exterior design is also down to you. Should you want a paint job that aligns with the design of your main home or a particular style, rest assured that it can be done. Full decoration, from plastering to interior design, is also completed on site in a professional, comprehensive manner.

Every Granny Annex is made using first-class fibreglass, which significantly reduces costs and provides you with 100% insulation to keep you warm during winter and cool in the summer. Using fibreglass over wood or metal has a number of advantages, such as remarkable strength, resistance to rotting, corrosive materials or fire, along with being easy to construct in a streamlined way and more sustainable for the environment. To find out what all the fuss is about, give us a call and receive a quote for your own bespoke garden building in Cumbria today.



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Why Choose a Granny Annex?




If you are a retired person who has potentially recently lost a partner, you will naturally want to be close to your family members. However, moving in with other family is not always possible for a number of reasons. This is where Remy’s Annexes can help. For a competitive price, we can deliver a fully insulated, bespoke, made to order cabin that goes directly into the garden and enables you to be right next to your loved ones, while at the same time giving you the space and privacy that you need. This is a solution that brings your family together and saves you from huge overhead costs.

Moreover, our bespoke garden buildings in Cumbria can tend to a wide range of needs for people of all ages. If you are a parent who wants to work from home, thereby being closer to family, we can construct a garden room for you equipped with all the necessary facilities to create the perfect office. For managers spending a number of months on a construction site, our cabins provide an ideal working space. Alternatively, you could use our cabins as a sunroom, yoga studio, B&B, workshop, or merely as a guest house. The list of uses for our made to order cabins goes on and on!                                                                        





Want to be closer to your family in retirement? Looking to add an extension to your home? Why not save yourself money, stress and time by using Remy’s Annexes for a bespoke garden building in Cumbria.

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