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Granny Annexe in Cumbria

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Granny Annexes

Each granny annexe is constructed off site, transported and placed complete on a concrete slab, thus eliminating all the usual requirements for a traditional build. Every granny annexe that we construct also comes with a 30-year warranty, but is important to note that in all the years that we have sold granny annexes, we have never had to return to the site of a client to fix a problem. The strong fibreglass construction of the annexe means that it is far superior to a regular wood annexe and is less susceptible to wood boring and dry rot.

Granny Annexes come complete with the necessary electrical and plumbing framework. When the site is situated on your property, all you need to do is book a plumber and electrician to connect the granny annexe. If you are thinking about purchasing a granny annexe they really are the perfect solution if you have an elderly relative and you want to keep a close eye on them. Any feeling of isolation that your relative may be harbouring will soon disappear when you are able to visit them every day.

The beauty of a granny annexe is that each annexe is totally customisable. The annexe really is a blank canvas, so you and your relatives can decide exactly how it looks. In the majority of cases, you will not need planning permission, and if an elderly relative is living at the annexe you will not need to pay any council tax.

Modular Units For Business

Although annexes are typically purchased for elderly relatives, many businesses have found that annexes can provide an excellent place to situate offices. This is the perfect solution for businesses that work in construction or need a temporary place to house offices. The mobility and durability of our annexes mean that when you need to move, you can quickly and easily transport the annexe with you. The lack of red tape and planning permission really underline how portable they are.

The guide price for a 12x12 annexe is around £10-11K. For further details about purchasing a granny annexe in Cumbria or the United Kingdom, please get in touch for a friendly chat.


Granny Annexe in Cumbria. Granny flat. Granny suite. Modular home. Portable office. UK. Foundation.

Granny Annexe in Cumbria. Granny flat. Granny suite. Modular home. Portable office. UK. Walls up.

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 Granny Annexe in Cumbria. Chris' Annexes for the Elderly. Fibreglass flat-bottomed boats 1.

 Granny Annexe in Cumbria. Chris' Annexes for the Elderly. Fibreglass flat-bottomed boats 2.

Flat-Bottomed Boats

The structure of a flat-bottomed boat means they are the safest boats to use in shallow water. Their stability and fuel consumption mean they are the perfect choice for fisherman, hunters and boat enthusiasts. Our boats are suitable for; canal maintenance, diving, fish farm maintenance, harbour work, jetty construction work and flood rescue. Of course, the boats can also be used as a family adventure craft for lakes and canals.

Our boats can be fitted with outboard motors, petrol or electric. The structure and all components are made using GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), which means maintenance is minimal. The only wood used is on the flooring. The sides and bottom, are fully reinforced with rubbing strakes. All weather cuddies can be fitted fore and aft especially for duck shooters or work boats.

The dimensions of the boat are, length 16', height (sides) 2' and beam (width) 4'6". For more information about boats or granny annexes in Cumbria and the United Kingdom, please do not hesitate to get in touch.




Hopper Heads/Planters

Hopper heads have been around for centuries and were originally designed to collect and drain rainwater to prevent mould and damp from contaminating a building. Cast iron rainwater heads and hoppers became popular in the 19th century where a number of ornamental designs were manufactured.

We produce hopper heads from a number of designs, some of which go back to the late 17th century. Made from lead and cast iron, these designs come from castles and stately homes. In our collection we have hopper heads from Raby Castle in Durham, Muncaster Castle in Cumbria and various other designs from stately homes. Hopper heads add elegance and refinement to any property and are perfect for potted plants in the garden. Please, get in touch for more information about hopper heads and granny annexes in Cumbria and the United Kingdom.


Fibreglass hopper heads. Planter style 1.


Fibreglass hopper heads. Planter style 2.


Fibreglass hopper heads. Planter style 3.




Four Post/Poster Beds

Our Elizabethan four poster beds are moulded by our craftsmen from an original four poster which was crafted between 1570 and 1620. These dates have been confirmed by research at the Victoria and Albert Museum London and at the Temple Newsome Museum Leeds, with one of the beds being owned by Queen Elizabeth 1st until 1603.

The Four Posters are moulded in GRP, which is the best composition to re-create the authenticity, the beauty and longevity of the original. All the glorious fine art and rich carvings of the medieval craftsmen have been captured in the mouldings to replicate masterpieces of reproduced early seventeenth century four posters.

The four posters will have an even longer life than the surviving original as they are stronger in construction. Fibreglass is rock hard, imperishable and does not require controlled temperatures. It is also impervious to damp, wood borers and dry rot. They really are the antiques of tomorrow.

The four poster bed will receive a king size 6’ x 6.6” divan within its enclosure. The width or depth of the four poster can be increased to accommodate larger beds without loss of character. To complete the correct furnishings of the bed we are able to supply, as an optional extra, counterpane and matching drapes reproduced from Flemish tapestries with designs typical of the period.

Hotels that cater for wedding parties have had a favourable response, the bride and groom can spend their first night as a married couple in the fantasy world of a four poster bed.

The beds come in two sizes 6’ 6” (200cm) wide; 7’ (214cm) long and 5’ (153cm) wide; 6’ 6” (200cm) long, they can be finished in any colour combination.

The king-size four poster bed includes canopy, two posts and back board, finished to your requirements. Bases, mattresses and drapes are not included in the price; transport and assembly are extra depending on location.


Fibreglass four poster bed. Granny Annexe in Cumbria. Granny flat. Woman posing by four post bed.


Flat Roofs, Porches, Bay Windows and Conservertories

Most of the heat generated in our houses escapes through the roofs and in order to address this problem we have devised a system that makes the roofs water tight and insulated; it gives the roof a 100% insulated covering. 

Flat roofs on extensions and dormer windows are prime offenders when it comes to losing heat including the all glass roofs on conservatories, which tend to be hot in the summer and freezing in the winter, our roofing system addresses this problem; because of its low weight and gives the appearance of a leaded roof. The roofs are acceptable with the lead look-alike rolls. Both systems carry a warranty of 20 years.




 Simulated Slate In G.R.P

This new product is unique in its appreance and light weight, it has a mass of applications. Low pitch roofs, under window panels for decorative appearances and out buildings. Special features in gardens and simple decor, dormer windows (side cheeks) car ports and many more.


Box Gutters (Industrial and Domestic)

We have perfected a box gutter lining in G.R.P  which can be fitted without taking off the bottom sheet and existing gutter out, making the gutter completely water tight.

The system is tried and tested and will have a life span of 20 years. It is not affected by acid rain or the chemical pollution in the atmosphere, unlike galvanised iron gutters suffer.

We have completed box gutters up to 75 meters in length and also parapet gutters on Castles and Heritage Buildings. The listed Buildings Heritage have accepted these gutters in G.R.P. 

If you want further details about granny annexes in Cumbria and the United Kingdom, please contact us.

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