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About Chris' Annexes for the Elderly

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A Little Bit About Us

Chris’ Annexes for the Elderly was founded by Chris Trippear who began building more than 40 years ago. Before he started building granny annexes in Cumbria, Chris’ first trade was creating boats, which he did in South Africa. It was here, that he was introduced to the glass fibre material that he would use to make boats. Unlike wood which was susceptible to wood borers and insects, glass fibre was a lot more rugged and durable.

After spending 9 years in Africa perfecting his boat building skills, Chris returned to the UK and settled in the Lake District where he continued to produce flat-bottomed boats. However, disaster struck when a faulty electric substation caused a fire which destroyed his business’ premises.

After this misfortune, Chris moved into 17th century bed making at the suggestion of a friend. This friend had an original hand made four poster bed that was looking increasingly old. So, the friend asked Chris  to construct a new bed out of glass fibre, but reproducing the elegant carving and design of the original wooden bed. The result was a stunning success and so began Chris’ new venture into the world of interior décor, wall paneling, ornamental pillars and ceiling cornices.

In response to buyer demand, Chris then began constructing cold rooms for the businesses in the food industry. The same technology used to keep produce cold in a freezer unit is the same system used with heaters. This allowed Chris to create cold rooms which incorporated fibreglass insulation.

Chris’ expertise in insulated fibreglass structures which he developed over many, many years soon came in handy when his house flooded. The subsequent building work and insurance investigations were time-consuming and disruptive and it was impossible to live in his house. So, Chris quickly built a comfortable annexe on his property with all the electrical and plumbing you would expect in a regular house. Very soon, people were requesting their own granny annexes in Cumbria, and thus Chris’ Annexes for the Elderly was born.


Granny Annexe in Cumbria. Granny flat. Granny suite. Modular home. Chris' Annexes for the Elderly.

Fibreglass granny Annexe in Cumbria. Granny flat. Modular home. Chris' Annexes for the Elderly.

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We aim to provide affordable and personalised homes for the elderly which allows them to be close to their families. Our homes have all of the necessary utilities but are totally customizable so each user can really get the most out of their annexe. Through this, we hope to bring families together.


Our mission is to create the highest quality of granny annexes for our users. We provide cost-effective, long-lasting, low-maintenance solutions that will increase comfort for every user of our annexes.


We really care for our customers. We are competent, reliable and sincere and will do everything in our power to create the perfect product. We are proud of the fact that we have never had to make a return visit to one of the granny annexes that we have produced. We’re certain that if you or your family purchases one of our annexes, you’ll be happy with it for many, many years.





If you are thinking about buying a granny annexe for Cumbria or the rest of the United Kingdom, please get in touch to find out more.

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